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It's free to build your handbook. Only pay when you publish. 100% happiness guaranteed.

$25 / month

for a digital handbook

Optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing. Update in real-time. Password protect your handbook. Custom domains (ie.

$145 one time

for a PDF handbook

Come back and make changes for life. Web-optimized, full color PDF Print-ready version
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Combine both options for the best employee experience.

Password Protected

Optionally add a password to your handbook and change it anytime so you are always in control of who can access it.

Multiple Collaborators

Invite as many people as you'd like to help with the handbook. They'll be able to make changes anytime.

Publish Everywhere

Build your handbook once and publish on all platforms. Whenever you make a change to one version, it's updated on all versions.

Publish to Web

Your digital handbook will look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Publish to PDF

Download a PDF version of your handbook and share it via email. You can also print your handbook from your printer.

Publish as a Hardcover Book

AirMason handbooks can be professionally printed as a softcover or hardcover book.

Automatic Table of Contents

We automatically create and update your table of contents from your template and as you edit your handbook.

Safe & Reliable

AirMason has 99.999% uptime, 24/7 monitoring, and daily backups so your information is always safe.

Custom design

Over 100 custom fonts, background images, background colors, and more. AirMason is a design-first handbook.

Custom domain

Set up a custom domain (ie. easily with AirMason.


Add inline and full-page photos to your handbook. We'll make sure they look good on every screen.

Custom layouts

We offer 8 custom layouts to display info and answer questions in new and beautiful ways.