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Trial Day Handbook

We hope this is the start of a long-term working relationship with you!


You've completed your first interview and have now been invited to a second and final interview. We call this working interview a "trial day". You'll work with a team (usually two people) through a typical work day at The Tidy People. We're on the look out for physically capable and self-motivated people who will mesh with and contribute to our growing company! In the coming pages, you'll find a few details about who we are, what we do, and, of course, some information about your trial day. See you soon! 

The Tidy People Foundation 

The Tidy People (formally Ergo Errands) was created in 2008 by our Founder, Lora Ladd. Our company mission: To inspire and empower people to live a goal oriented, organized and clean life. We are a service powered by humans, working for humans. Our team works hard to always bring personal touches to all interactions whether it be with a client or a co-worker. 


The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with a brief overview of what the job is like and what to expect on your trial day. If we hire you, you will complete a 6 - 8 week training program. During training, you will read through a number of other handbooks, with more extensive information about your job and our services. 

This is what a typical day at The Tidy People is like.
Keep in mind that this job requires flexibility!

Start of day arrive at office at 8 AM to load car, leave for first job around 8:30 AM.

Morning to Midday complete first and (sometimes) second job.

Lunch half hour lunch before 6 work hours, typically at a spot between jobs.

Afternoon complete remaining jobs, help other teams complete their day.

End of day head back to the office or go straight home. 

Some teams at The Tidy People carpool and take turns driving. Other teams choose to drive separately which means that some days, they drive straight to their jobs instead of to the office, and drive home when they've completed their day. For your trial day, you will catch a ride with your trainer

Our Cleaning Process

Once a team arrives at a client's home, we generally work floor by floor and we do the most labor intensive rooms on each floor first. Bathrooms and kitchens require the most attention so we begin with those. From there, we complete dusting, glass, trash and floors in the other rooms. We call these other rooms (non-kitchen and bathroom rooms) "dry rooms". We repeat the same process on each level of the house until we're done!

On your trial day, you will only be focusing on working in dry rooms, which require less training. Our goal is to see your work ethic and how well you fit with our team.

What will I be doing on my trial day?

On your trial day, you'll be dusting, tidying rooms, cleaning glass, vacuuming, and mopping. You'll use:

• a feather duster

• multi-purpose spray

• glass cleaner spray

• terry cloth rags

• glass cleaning rags

• a squeegee

• an upright vacuum for rugs and carpets

• a backpack vacuum for hardwood or tile floors

• a stick mop

It seems like a lot but don't worry, your trainer will instruct you on how to perform these tasks and use the equipment!

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable for you and work appropriate. Most people on our team wear t-shirts, jeans, sweatpants, or leggings, and closed-toe, non-slip shoes. 

What should I bring?

All you need is yourself! You can bring a lunch if you prefer. Otherwise, your team will find somewhere to buy lunch. 

How long will I be working?

Our days vary in length. You could be done anywhere between 12 and 7. It's best to clear your schedule for your trial day, or contact our hiring manager for special circumstances.

Will I get paid for my trial day?

Yes! You'll be compensated from the time you get to the office until you return, excluding time spent on lunch. Trial day pay is the only day you'll be paid at minimum wage. This will be included in your first paycheck or a check will be mailed to you. 

See you soon!

If you have any further questions about your trial day, please contact our hiring manager or speak with your trial day trainer. Our team is excited to meet you!