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The 10 best employee handbook examples

The 10 Best Employee Handbook Examples (Updated 2019)

Companies small and large have invested lots of resources into designing and developing employee handbooks/culture codes. The companies below have realized the value of having a well designed and well-articulated employee handbook. 1.Sterling (built with AirMason) 2. Netflix (Check our take on the Netflix culture book built with AirMason here) 3. Hubspot  (Check our take on the HubSpot culture code built…


4 Reasons to Upgrade your Employee Handbook Now

Developing and distributing an employee handbook is no easy feat. Capturing your company’s policies, procedures and culture in one document means covering a lot of ground and, oftentimes, gaining consensus from colleagues and upper management. Once the draft was complete, you likely had to develop a process for: distributing the employee handbook; confirming that the…